Edgar Huntly and The Iroquois Constitution

Edgar Huntly and the Iroquois Constitution dealt with the same land at different times periods in history, they understood the struggles that the land brought and the beauty of the nation. They both understood the importance of the wilderness and the dangers it harbored.

"From the inception, there were the Five Nations discussed in this Constitution. In about 1715, the Tuscarora Nation, once part of the Iroquois peoples in a much earlier period of their history, moved up from North Carolina to avoid warfare with the invading white settlers, and were adopted into the Confederacy. At this point in time, the Iroquois controlled many parts of our now eastern states from their homelands in what is now New York state."

Edgar Huntly struggled with being an individual attempting to live near different people and cultures. The book Edgar Huntly was based around the time period when people from England came to the new world. New Englanders were used to a controlling society where land was limited. The New World brought freedom and excessive land. The Iroquois Constitution understood the importance of cooperation and peace.

Edgar Huntly lived in a newly formed democracy and The Iroquois Constitution developed one of the first and most successful democracies in history. Edgar Huntly was based in the year 1787, the first year the U.S. Constitution was ratified, The U.S. Constitution was based on the Iroquois Constitution.

Do you think that the book, Edgar Huntly, actually portrays how most citizens felt about Native Americans like the Iroquois Tribe?