Thesis and Authors Purpose

The Iroquois Constitution was designed to promote peace between five different Native American tribes in The United States between the years of 1390 to 1525. The Iroquois Constitution was a very important form of organization and unity that led to the creation of the United States Constitution. The Iroquois Constitution had similarities pertaining to the novel, Edgar Huntly which was based around the year of 1787, they both dealt with individual identity among different people and cultures.

A single person did not write the Iroquois Constitution however, Deganawida was a main creator of the document; it was formed by five nations to create a joint peace treaty. It was passes down by oral tradition throughout the years. The purpose of this constitution was to create unity between different nations that had different values and laws. The Iroquois Constitution created a system, which had representatives from each nation making equal decisions. The purpose of this document was to create unity between different nations and people.